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Rabies Vaccine to be dropped from the air

If you closely follow the vaccine reports, you understand what vaccinations can do to our health. The recent vaccine drop in Texas is much like fluoride, which was mandated by law to be added in our water.   It is a known medical fact that fluoridation can lead to deterioration of our immune system, which can lead to unpredictable illness.   Both are forms of forced medication.  Why are they doing this?  Shouldn’t people have the right to say no?

Rabies Vaccine to be dropped from the air

The Texas Department of State Health Services will drop vaccines from the air Wednesday. It’s part of the annual effort to protect people and livestock from rabies. They’ll drop about 1.8 million doses of the rabies vaccine over the next month. The vaccines are enclosed in small packets dipped in fish oil and coated with fish meal crumbles.

The baits don’t pose a risk to humans, but organizers say you should avoid them because animals are less likely to eat the bait if a human has been messing with it.

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