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California MDs terrified that DCs might cure someone with Vitamin C!

By Rick Cederstrom,D.C

SB 352 CA will eliminate DC involvement in any aspect of nutritional healthcare

I have just finished a review of supplements and health in the online medical journal, medscape. The commentaries and conclusions give the best insight into the philosophy of MDs. Clearly stated was, supplements show no particular advantage and appear to be hazardous to health and should not be recommended when we have so many drugs with confirmed benefits. Also stated was, MDs deserve to be the authorities of trust on nutritional issues.

It’s not a matter of conspiracies. These people clearly think they are right, they know best, they should be deciding for others, and most bizarrely; they have absolutely NO interest in communicating with people who are well educated in Natural, Conservative Healthcare.

Medical quotes

“We did the best we could…

We can’t recommend Chiropractic care because we ‘don’t know’ what kind of harm they may cause.

Research shows that supplements are dangerous.

Research shows that drugs are effective and ‘well tolerated’

The medical profession deserves the public’s trust”


and they believe every word they say! Philosophy matters. Conservative, natural care has actually been defined by MDs as doing nothing. If you believe that drugs and surgery are the only solutions, then, what else do you have?


It was a fine, old Chiropractic tradition to have a candy jar in the front office where people dumped all the drugs they no longer needed because they were finally getting the care they needed for their problems. Pharmaceutical lobbyists have been successful at making any recommendation about drugs by a Chiropractor a crime. Your Aunt Gladys or neighbor Carol can make any recommendations they want, but if a Doctor of Chiropractic shows you the PDR and how your drugs are creating a problem, they could lose their license (and worse).

I had a discussion with a registered dietician once. She was adamantly opposed to Chiropractor making any nutritional recommendations for anything at all, and thought it should be against the law. Her job was deciding how much canned gravy went with the canned mashed potatoes to make a healthy lunch in a hospital care facility. Make no mistake about it; this will be the standard in nutritional healthcare, once these people have their way.

The FDA will tell you that GMOs are good for you. Vitamin C will be available by prescription from your friendly neighborhood MD. Chiropractors will work for HMOs where they will say nice affirmative energy things to heal your pain. Good luck with that.

The stated purpose of the American Medical Association was to contain and/or eliminate the profession of Chiropractic. Political lobbyists for the Pharmaceutical profession are continuing that tradition. Let the consumer beware. Citizens who don’t get politically involved will be wards of the state. (We see quite a bit of that now, don’t we?)

It is probably fair to note that I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and could be considered radical, in that, I think all drugs laws should be repealed and you should be able to make your own choices in Healthcare.

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