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What Is Best for Us?

For many decades, raw milk has been used as a source of nutrients in our daily diet in US and in many other countries. Unprocessed, farmer-to-consumer milk is always more preferable than pasteurized milk for many reasons, the grass fed crow produces better quality milk than Monsanto grain fed, hormones and antibiotics added cow. Unfortunately, the FDA believes pasteurized milk is safer for public consumption than raw milk. Many States in the US have laws that forbid farmers from selling raw milk. Canada found itself getting the same treatment from their government. They determined raw milk is not safe for human consumption.

How safe is our raw milk? According to a report,  CDC has admitted that those it said died from raw milk over the last ten years did not die from raw milk. See the report here

Excerpt from NaturalNews article, a write-up on raw milk published in The Globe and Mail back in 2010 explains that Queen Elizabeth personally drinks raw milk, and that when her grandsons Harry and William were students at Eton College, she went out of her way to smuggle it in for them as well. The Queen apparently recognizes some value in raw milk beyond what health authorities are willing to admit.

On the same token, nearly 90 percent of more than 2,100 Canadian farmers who sell their milk to the country’s government-run dairy cartel revealed that they siphon off raw milk from their own cows to feed to their families before it gets shipped off for homogenization and pasteurization. Like the queen, these farmers are apparently unswayed by the pseudoscientific nonsense about the so-called dangers of raw milk.

So is raw milk safe, well that depends whom you ask. Many people have died from prescription drug every year, far more death reports than raw milk. Why would they want to manipulate the story? I would say money and control are the main cause of this insane assumption “what is best for us.“

I drink raw milk every day. If raw milk is good enough for Queen Elizabeth, it’s good enough for me.

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