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Refuse to pay ‘Smart Meter’ op-out fees



Please spread the word and have everyone you know sign this Petition


We the below refuse to pay any additional fees to retain our analog meters or have smart meters that were installed without our permission replaced with a safe, reliable analog.

Because utility rates include the cost of the smart meter and associated infrastructure, those choosing to keep an analog should not only be able to do so for free- we should get a refund!

It is now clear that utilities are only requiring opt out fees in order to prevent a mass abandonment of the technology.  According to industry research, more than 60% would opt out if the choice were free.

Any so-called ‘opt out’ fee is equivalent to a protection racket run by criminal utility syndicates.  We refuse to be gouged.  We refuse to pay this extortion.  We stand together in the face of this injustice.

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