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The Dangers of Vaccinations

There have been safety concerns about vaccinations for many years.
It is well established that vaccines are not 100% effective or 100% safe. Even for the same disease, there may be multiple types of vaccines with different dangers. In cases where vaccines are known to be ineffective, the recommendation has been more injections (such as inoculating children under two years of age). In cases where there are extremely specific risk groups, the recommendations have been to inoculate the entire population (such as Hepatitis B). In addition, additives to the vaccines (totally unrelated to the vaccine itself) are also known toxins. In cases where problems appear to be related to injection (such as Autism) the evidence is being ignored. The HealthCare standard known as P.A.R.; ie Procedure, Advantages Risks and Benefits with Patient Choice; is being completely subverted which is a clear violation of medical ethics.
Dr. Ward Bond, PhD. talks with nationally syndicated radio talk show host Robert Scott Bell about the dangers of vaccinations and the truth they don’t want you to know. The facts are so devastating.
Watch Dr. Ward Bond interview.
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Rob Schneider tells the truth about vaccines, parental rights, corporate greed and AB2109
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