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Rice with Human Genes


Rice has been a main food source for over many centuries in Asia Country.  No major illness had been reported from consuming rice and no shortages of rice production had been threatened in this growing market. I was devastating to learn USDA allows they clone our rice in the name of common good.


Excerpt from article:

The Agriculture Department has given a preliminary green light for the first commercial production of a food crop engineered to contain human genes, reigniting fears that biomedical potent substances in high-tech plants could escape and turn up in other foods.

The proteins are to be extracted for use as an anti-diarrhea medicine and might be added to health foods such as yogurt and granola bars.

As they claim:

“We can really help children with diarrhea get better faster. That is the idea,” said Scott E. Deeter, president and chief executive of Sacramento-based Ventria Bioscience, emphasizing that a host of protections should keep the engineered plants and their seeds from escaping into surrounding fields.

But critics are assailing the effort, saying gene-altered plants inevitably migrate out of their home plots. In this case, they said, that could result in pharmacologically active proteins showing up in the food of unsuspecting consumers.

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