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GMO Trees May Come to Your Town Soon.

Thirsty trees need our attention, and I’m not talking about the fire danger and the stressed thirsty trees being attacked by bark beetles. I’m talking about something even more serious.  We are on the verge of having our forests replaced with GMO trees etc. It certainly will take land grab to next level.

Some may feel that a ‘biomass’ plant is not a sustainable method of producing energy. Will  GMO forests be an answer to our dying trees?  Steve Eubanks and our politicians think so, he got his federal grant to move forward on building a plant in Nevada County.

*Major Sierra Forest Acquisition Aimed to Reduce Megafires, Increase Water Supplies

*Scientists Will Test Crucial Forest Restoration Techniques to Restore the Health of Our Forests for Wildlife and People

The Nature Conservancy, American River Conservancy and Northern Sierra Partnership today announced the acquisition of 10,115 acres of forest in the fire-endangered Sierra Nevada Mountains.

GMO Bedfellows: Monsanto And The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) calls itself “the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.” According to its website, TNC “addresses the most pressing conservation threats at the largest scale.”

TNC is run and funded by some of the world’s worst polluters and destroyers of the earth’s soil, air, water and food system—and that one of those companies is Monsanto.

This is something we all need to be watching closely. And let’s thank our Congressman Doug LaMalfa for not only signing HR 1599 (The DARK Act – now on the senate), but for co-sponoring it as well!

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