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2015 GeoEngineering Documentary

We are no longer living in the natural world.  Our weather was being manipulated for a long time. Dane Wigington talks about how hot surfaces are that are exposed to the sun, and how intense the sun feels, and that people have convinced themselves that it is all normal.  However, you can see many plants (maybe in your yard), that look like a blow torch has been taken to them.  Part of what has happened is that the chemical spraying of our skies (geoengineering), has destroyed the ozone in the Northern hemisphere.  California drought and dead fishes on the shore all over the globe are the byproduct of GeoEngineering. The following videos give you in detail based on the scientific research.

2015 GeoEngineering Documentary .  MUST WATCH!

If you are unconvinced, watch this video:

GeoEngineering whistle blower ~ Ex-Military ~ Christen Meghan





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